Denver Seniors Stories at Windcrest

In August of 2008 we went to Windcrest, a retirement community in South Denver, to help the seniors there tell their stories.  The workshop was organized by Daniel Weinshenker with Mary Ann McNair, Cherlyn Boyce and Allison Myers as the individual facilitators working one-on-one with the seniors.  The stories were commissioned by Erickson, a company that owns and managed retirement homes across the country as well as Retirement Living TV, a cable station that will be broadcasting the stories nationwide.

This workshop was funded by Retirement Living TV and was the second workshop in a series of workshops of this kind. The first workshop was led by students from UMBC (Univ of Maryland Baltimore County) in a service learning initiative where new media students went into a local retirement community to work with seniors. Those stories won a Telly Award and can be found here.

Eadie and Arnie Held

Marj Mack

Betty Thomas

Edie Collins

Marge Inman

John Guyer

Phyllis Clark

Kay Nickolls

Herb Schaffer