Nurstory – Digital Stories from the CU School of Nursing


In 2008 and 2009, we conducted a workshop at the University of Colorado with the Doctoral Program in Nursing. Known worldwide for its focus on caring and reflective practice, Sue Hagedorn and Vicki Erickson from the University brought together nurses for the workshops. The workshops were facilitated by Daniel Weinshenker, Martha Tenney and Mary Ann McNair from the Center for Digital Storytelling and Pip Hardy from Patient Voices. The two workshops are part of a three-part series of workshops to be run at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Future workshops will focus on interdisciplinary stories (nurses and doctors, doctors and patients). The stories are currently being used in the doctoral program in nursing to engage students and practicing health care professionals in dialogue on topics from ethics in health care, to the value of reflective practice, to what really constitutes care.