Denver Italians Stories


In February of 2007, the Mile High Stories team worked in conjunction with The Center for Digital Storytelling ( and the Colorado Historical Society to capture several stories of members of the Italian American community. These stories are currently being presented at the Colorado History Museum as part of The Italians of Denver exhibit.

Special thanks to:
Daniel Weinshenker, Center for Digital Storytelling
Mary Ann McNair, Colorado Historical Society
Joshua Hassel, Producer/Director, KBDI Channel 12
Brad Johnson, Camera/Editing

Rosalyn Hirsch (Mastroianni) – “Bittersweet”

Robin O’Dorisio – “Two Kitchens”

Louis Polidori – “Italian Sausage”

Jess Gerardi – “The Old Trombone”

Jay DiLorenzo – “Unscripted”

Duke Finamore – “Keeping Our Traditions”

Dominique Peltier – “In Remembrance”

Claire Villano – “Rootless No More”

Anna Pergola – “It’s Not A Broom”