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Digital Storytelling in the Denver Post

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Digital storytelling was profiled in the Denver Post this weekend.

Although it’s just a snippet, we appreciate the exposure.

Bring on the New York Times, if it’s still around….

Stories of Jewish Resilience

Monday, January 12th, 2009

In November we conducted a workshop at the Mizel Museum in Denver for their current exhibit entitled Stories of Resilience.  It was a unique workshop in that we actually worked with 20 participants (ten storytellers and ten helpers, most of whom had never taken our workshop before).  The multi-generational dialogue to the workshop lent it a different flavor and helped to form a cohesive community of story sharing.

There were two holocaust survivors in the group, a rabbi talking about life post stroke, an activist and a survivor of rape, among other participants with powerful stories to tell and share.

Stories of Resilience was shaped by the knowledge that each of us have participated in life-altering experiences. The 3-day workshop at the Mizel Museum was conceived as part of an exploration and interpretation of resilience from the perspective of the storyteller. At different points on life’s journey, we have faced decisions and choices that shifted values, self-perceptions, world view, attitudes, and actions. Framed within the context of resilience, the workshop focuses on the life-changing events to create a narration of how those perceptions were altered in the participant’s lives.

The Mizel Museum believes the process of digital storytelling will become an integral, and captivating permanent addition to their exhibit space.

The stories can be viewed (one per month) here
or in a series at the museum.

Denver Neighborhood Stories are up!

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Hey folks, the Denver Neighborhood stories are finally up.  These are the stories made at the Colorado History Museum with Denverites from various neighborhoods for Denver’s 150th.

Click on the page link to the right, or right here.

The stories can also be viewed, of course, at the History Museum downtown and include short interviews with the storytellers.  The audio from these stories will be broadcast on Colorado Public Radio as part of their Colorado Matters program soon